I'm Timothy Slater
President & Experiential Expert 

Twelve years after graduating with a dual degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering, I lost my hearing in a diving accident. It gave me a new perspective on the challenges the disabled have with using technology. Without the support of my then-boss, I may have given up. He sent me to sign language school and kept me employed. While there, I met my wife Amy, a talented graphic designer. Our shared loss of hearing instantly drew us together and our work propelled us onto many great projects for tech leaders and International companies and governments. Experiential isn't what we do, it's how we live. 

 Are you Experienced?


You found us!


   Experiential Partners isn't a household name.  We don't advertise nor issue press releases.

   We simply create exceptional consumer experiences for forward-thinking companies.

   If you're here, we know you were referred by one of our happy clients. Welcome!

 Our Experiential-tise

February 2006 

   We began with 1 client and have grown to 27

Local thinking with global reach

   Twenty-four of our clients operate globally, 3 regionally and all think locally

Billions in revenue

   Over $2 billion in e-commerce and over $8 billion in offline commerce generated to date

 Our Experiential-ence

Understanding your customers

   We understand the unique digital usage of your consumer

Connecting customers to your products

   We design around proven best practices for each customer segment

Exceeding your customers' expectations

   Great design motivates, inspires and compels consumers to take action

 Our Experential-acy


We're pretty down to earth


   We love our work. We love the outdoors. At Experiential Partners, our team enjoys a 

   lifestyle that's cutting edge, yet down to earth. Many of us fled California and New York to

   find harmony and creativity overlooking the splendor of Wyoming's Big Goose Creek. 



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